IV Luso-Afro-Brazilian Colloquium on Curricular Questions

LE @ D researchers participated, between 10-12 September, in the IV Luso-Afro-Brazilian Colloquium. Participation was reflected, both in the work of the Organizing Committee and Scientific Commission, and also as speakers. The colloquium is a joint organization of the University of Lisbon (Institute of Education), and the University of Minho, Portugal and the State University of Santa Catarina, Catholic University of Petropolis, Brazil.

Filipa Seabra| Organizing and Scientific Committee

Lúcia Amante | Curriculum and assessment of learning in the new pedagogical scenarios

Rozangela Wyszomirska, Aaria Souto, António Quintas-Mendes | Open University System, curricula and professional training: a study of potentialities and weaknesses in Brazil and Portugal

LE@D researchers participate in ICT Educa2018

Between September 6 and 8, 2018, the V International Congress on ICT and Education – TICEDUCA2018 was held at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon. With the motto, ‘Technology Enhanced Learning’, several LE @ D researchers participated in the event, either by integrating the Scientific Committee, moderating sessions, or presenting research papers.

Eleven (11) communications were the responsibility of LE @D:

Filomena Pestana & Teresa Cardoso | Evolutionary models and trends in european educational systems: the impact of ICT

Carlos Seco | Creating an online educational resource using Wikibooks Maria Maria

Angélica Costa & Lina Morgado | Open and Distance Training of Tutors: Luso-Brazilian Models and Practices

Fernanda Cassundè & Lina Morgado | International scientific production on digital teacher competences: trends and perspectives

Pedro Cabral | Design of online courses from the equivalence theorem of interaction

Fernado Bacelar, Lina Morgado & Vitor Rocio | Gamification on an academic social platform: impact on social learning in Distance Education

Nilson Rodrigues, Maurício Oliveira, Fernanda Cassundé, Lina Morgado & Milka Barbosa | Teachers, technologies and digital skills: theoretical propositions

Ana Filipe & Ana Nobre | Open education and open technology in teacher education