IV Luso-Brazilian Conference of Distance Education and eLearning

Between October 29 and November 1, 2018, the IV LUSO-BRAZILIAN CONFERENCE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION AND eLEARNING will be held. The colloquium is one of the events of the area of Education that is integrated in the Humanitas Congress. Organized by the four postgraduate programs of the School of Education and Humanities and the Institute of Science and Faith of the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, CONGRESS HUMANITAS will bring together experts to discuss the future of the humanities.

This is the first joint edition of the event, which will simultaneously unify the 16th Congress of Contemporary Philosophy of PUCPR, the Fourth Luso-Brazilian Colloquium on Distance Education and eLearning, the III Congress of Human Rights and Public Policies of PUCPR, the First International Congress of the PPGT PUCPR, the 13th Congress of Theology of PUCPR and the 1st Brazilian Meeting of Software Researchers ATLAS.ti.

IV Luso-Afro-Brazilian Colloquium on Curricular Questions

LE @ D researchers participated, between 10-12 September, in the IV Luso-Afro-Brazilian Colloquium. Participation was reflected, both in the work of the Organizing Committee and Scientific Commission, and also as speakers. The colloquium is a joint organization of the University of Lisbon (Institute of Education), and the University of Minho, Portugal and the State University of Santa Catarina, Catholic University of Petropolis, Brazil.

Filipa Seabra| Organizing and Scientific Committee

Lúcia Amante | Curriculum and assessment of learning in the new pedagogical scenarios

Rozangela Wyszomirska, Aaria Souto, António Quintas-Mendes | Open University System, curricula and professional training: a study of potentialities and weaknesses in Brazil and Portugal

LE@D researchers participate in ICT Educa2018

Between September 6 and 8, 2018, the V International Congress on ICT and Education – TICEDUCA2018 was held at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon. With the motto, ‘Technology Enhanced Learning’, several LE @ D researchers participated in the event, either by integrating the Scientific Committee, moderating sessions, or presenting research papers.

Eleven (11) communications were the responsibility of LE @D:

Filomena Pestana & Teresa Cardoso | Evolutionary models and trends in european educational systems: the impact of ICT

Carlos Seco | Creating an online educational resource using Wikibooks Maria Maria

Angélica Costa & Lina Morgado | Open and Distance Training of Tutors: Luso-Brazilian Models and Practices

Fernanda Cassundè & Lina Morgado | International scientific production on digital teacher competences: trends and perspectives

Pedro Cabral | Design of online courses from the equivalence theorem of interaction

Fernado Bacelar, Lina Morgado & Vitor Rocio | Gamification on an academic social platform: impact on social learning in Distance Education

Nilson Rodrigues, Maurício Oliveira, Fernanda Cassundé, Lina Morgado & Milka Barbosa | Teachers, technologies and digital skills: theoretical propositions

Ana Filipe & Ana Nobre | Open education and open technology in teacher education