New defenses of doctoral theses in the area of ​​Distance Education and eLearning

During the month of June several defenses of PhD theses of the specialty in Distance Education and eLearning (EDeL) of the PhD in Education, were integrated in the advanced training and research lines of the Laboratory of Distance Education and eLearning.
June 12, 2018 |
   Master Vitor Reis defended the thesis with the title Professional Training of Portuguese Firemen: Application of Virtual Simulation to the Development of Decision-Making Skills. The PhD student is a Master in eLearning Systems Management from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and responsible for training at the National School of Firefighters.
June 14, 2018 |
  Master Ana Maria Videira Paiva defended the thesis titled Participation and Knowledge Sharing in the Network Society: Online Educational Contexts. The PhD student has a degree in Educational Psychology and a Master in Multimedia Educational Communication from Universidade Aberta.