LE@D researchers working in the project Virtual Tutoringrticipam no projeto Tutor Virtual

A team of LE@D researchers participates in the multidisciplinary Tutor Virtual (TV) project coordinated by Professor Adérito Marcos UAb / CIAC and financed by FCT.
The project team is vast and consists of 23 researchers from several national Research Centers:
  • the Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FFC / FC / UL); the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Research and Development in Lisbon (INESCID / INESC / IST / UTL);
  • the Center for Research in Arts and Communication (UALG and ESTC / IPL) (CIAC); the Institute of Integrative Biosystems & Sciences (BioISI / FFC / FC / UL).Part of the team met at IST-Tagus Park to prepare for the first TV tests in the eLearning Platform.