LE @ D organizes the International Encounter of Augmented Reality Technology in Education

The LE@D | Laboratory of Distance Learning and Learning are organizing the International Encounter of Technology of Augmented Reality in Education – [RA] r 2018, on July 23rd, in partnership with the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Santo Tirso (MIEC).

The initiative aims to provide a space for sharing and reflection around research, development and practices in the field of Augmented Reality applied in educational context, in Portugal and in Brazil.

Challenges to the integration of Augmented Reality technology into educational institutions, the development of Augmented Reality educational resources and the impact of Augmented Reality technology on teaching and learning processes are the main themes proposed for the debate.

Participation is free (limited to 50 places), but prior registration is required, so applicants should register by June 17th through an online form.

For more information go to the event website