LE@D participation in Open Access International Week

Acknowledging its commitment to Open Access, LE@ D participates in the Open Access International Week, which will take place between October 22nd and 28th, with various scientific outreach events taking place at this research center.



 22 October Simposium of Open and Distance Education – 2018

Event organized in cooperation between institutions  from Brasil- Portugal- Spain and United Kingdom]  with a coorganization from  LE@D-UAb; UFF- Federal Fluinense University (BR), UENF, ABED, Open University Brasil, Universidade Aberta Portugal, UNED (SP); Open University UK







Dia 24 de outubro | Sessões Abertas WEIWER

Evento organizado pelo  LE@D. Consulte o Site e Programa: www.weiwer.net ou contacte pelo endereço info@weiwer.net.


Dia 25 de outubro  |  Webinar CO(i)NCIDIR

Evento organizado pelo LE@D. Consulte o Site da  Rede ObLID:  ObliD: http://coincidir.contemcom.org/programa1/








dia 26 de outubro | Lançamento  7º Encontro eL@IES

Evento co-organizado pelo LE@D, Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco e Universidade do Algarve