eLIES2018 – VII Meeting of Institutions and Units of eLearning in Higher Education

On December 14th, the VII Meeting of Institutions and Units of eLearning in Higher Education, dedicated to the theme of Digital Competences and eLearning, will take place in the city of Castelo Branco. The initiative is hosted this year by the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, which shares the organization with LE @ D – UAb and the University of Algarve.

With a vast program already available, the event has the Invited Conference of Prof. António Moreira from the University of Aveiro.

The call for institutional, team and individual posters is still open. The event is free but requires registration.

See Event website: https://elies.pt

DLI2018 -International Conference on Design Learning Innovation

Between 24 and 26 October 2018, the International Conference on Design Learning InnovationDLI 2018 will be held in Braga-Portugal.

Design, learning and innovation embody the world of ICT, play and fun, opening doors to an increasingly ludic world. Whether it is developing tools, technologies, environments, as well as content and approaches that can stimulate and foster a passion for learning and transforming domains such as education, rehabilitation / therapy, workplace and cultural institutions, design, learning and innovation are a powerful catalyst to enable individuals to participate, communicate and create to be able to exceed their own limits in a playful way: this is the spirit behind conducting the 2018 DLI conference.

With the participation of several LE @ D researchers in the Organizing Committee and the Program Technical Committee, DLI 2018 welcomes academics, designers, researchers and professionals with training in design, learning and innovation to create, design, incubate projects, tools , technologies, experiences, processes and fun learning outcomes.

The DLI2018 Program is diversified with communications and posters, workshops and symposia and a doctoral symposium.

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